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At Midwest Inquiry, we believe that recruiting is the foundation of your study and we are committed to providing you a strong foundation. We work with you to accomplish this by recruiting the right amount of respondents, and ensuring that study participants meet you exact requirements. From recruiting participants from our extensive database, to participants who have never done a study, or recruiting participants from a client provided list, FRS can do it all.

We will utilize our extensive, diverse, electronic database to recruit your study. The Minneapolis/St. Paul area with 2.85 million residents is 70.2% Caucasian, 17.4% Black/African American, 9.2% Hispanic or Latino, 4.9% Asian, 3.0% Two or more races, 2.8% Other, and 1.7% American Indian. Our central location to this area allows us access to over 100K potential respondents within 5 miles.